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Local Academy Board

The Local Academy Board (LAB) represents Springfield School and The Meadows School.

The Board exercises its duties through three committees:

  • Leadership and Management

  • The Meadows School

  • Springfield School

The Local Academy Board has a nominated governor for Safeguarding and Child Protection, PREVENT, Looked after Children and Pupil/Sports Premium.


LAB meetings for the coming year are:



Committee meetings are held approximately four weeks before the Local Academy Board meeting.


LAB Minutes and other documents:-

Autumn 2023 LAB Minutes

Summer 2023 LAB Minutes

Spring 2023 LAB Minutes

Disclosure of business pecuniary

Code of Conduct for Governors

LAB Attendance

Name Type of Governor Term of Office Responsibilities
Anna Latos
(Staff Member)
Associate Springfield Committee
Joan Wright
(Staff Member)
The Meadows Committee
Sarah Latham
(Staff Member)
Springfield Committee
Darryl Davies Chair November 2025 Leadership and Management; Springfield Committee; Safeguarding and Child protection; PREVENT Link
Chris Best
(Staff Member)
Executive Headteacher October 2023 Leadership and Management; The Meadows Committee
Bernice Allman Governor July 2026 The Meadows Committee
Christopher Fallon July 2026 Springfield Committee
Ruth Buckley November 2027 The Meadows Committee
Andrew Young Parent Representative November 2026 The Meadows Committee
Stacey Fallows July 2027 Springfield Committee
Amy Chappell
(Staff Member)
Staff Representative October 2027 The Meadows Committee
Samuel Hambleton
(Staff Member)
February 2024 Springfield Committee
Angela Whitfield Vice Chair March 2026 Leadership and Management; The Meadows Committee; Pupil Premium Link