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Our School Aims

Our vision is to create learning environments where every young person is engaged, can be enterprising and successful in their community, both today and in their future adult life.  We aim to create a hub of inspiration from which, students and staff develop their independence, skills, expertise, interests and vocations.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing a happy, safe and secure environment for learning. 
  • Creating an atmosphere where adults and young people have value and worth. 
  • Supporting parents, carers and others adults so that they can support learning and development. 
  • Building confidence and a strong ethic of work and enterprise.
  • Working proactively to meet individual needs.
  • Providing a personalised and appropriate curriculum.
  • Creating situations where young people interact meaningfully with the community and vice versa.
  • Developing independence and self-help skills.
  • Broadening young people’s experiential horizons .
  • Removing barriers for young people with SEN.

“We aim to nurture mental health and well being and build emotional resilience in individual students and within the school community as a whole”

Parents and carers are asked to share their views about the school at : www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk