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What people say about us

Back in France after 3 years spent in England, I wanted to share with you our great emotion when we think back to the two years that our daughter had the chance to go to The Meadows! Our daughter is autistic and has never been able to find her place in school in France. As soon as she arrived at The Meadows School, she was greeted with tremendous welcome. It’s a whole team that knew how to surround our daughter with kindness and who, with incredible ambition, proved to her that she had her place in school, that she had her place in society. Despite the language barrier and also her autism, everything seemed easy in The Meadows. She left the house in the morning with a smile and returned in the evening with a smile. She just straightened up physically. She understood, thanks to you, that she was a beautiful person! The team of teachers, teaching assistants, also the administrative staff, and the head of school did a wonderful job. President of a national association in France in the field of autism, I was impressed by your talents, amazed by your enthusiasm and your constant good humour. We would like to thank you once again for the chance you have given to our daughter, but also to our whole family, for having met you and having been able to share with you the great adventure of The Meadows! You are one of the most beautiful things to happen in our daughter’s life.

'Words from a parent – September 2021'


Our daughter has amazed me with her attitude today. She was at home watching David Attenborough and reading her new book this morning but when I received an email and told her she said “Right, that’s it I have school work to do now”, took a laptop and set herself up on the dining table. I asked if she needed the passwords and she said that she didn’t as she could remember them all. She then asked me to leave the room as she needed to concentrate! I was happy with that as my son was working independently (and happily) on a laptop on the kitchen table so I could get up to my office and answer some of those work emails that I had piling up whilst my two kids were both happily working downstairs. If this continues lockdown won’t be as difficult as I’d feared. I think today I caught a glimpse of the studious daughter that I’ve heard reports of from The Meadows, but rarely seen any evidence of at home – it was great!

'Words from a parent – January 2021 during the third Lockdown.'


Hi Everyone at the Meadows.
We are Shaun’s family and we all just want to say massive thank you to all at the Meadows.
It’s very hard to put into words how much your love and support has meant to us and of course to Shaun.
When Shaun joined the school it had been a very difficult time he had been at his local high school where they had neither the staff or training to support him their answer was to exclude him and expect that to help.
They saw Shaun as a problem and wouldn’t budge on what they expected they didn’t have any answers and instead just provided more problems.
So when we came to visit your School hoping to find the right place for Shaun one by one all issues were just washed away nothing was a problem all you had was solutions the love and dedication shone thru all the school and pupils.
We left that day and both cried on the way home tears of relief and joy that we had found the right place and the huge weight had been lifted from us.
We were not wrong because all these years later now Shaun is moving on you have all been amazing and have made Shaun who he is today he will miss you all terribly.
So Thank You from Lee Karen Karl Danny Bethany and of Course Shaun
you are all truly wonderful
‘Words from parents – Summer 2017’

Dear Everyone
Thanks again for having me at the meadows school I will really miss all of you and after all the nice memorys we’ve shared thank you all my teachers and friends lots of love from Ashley J
‘Words from a student – Summer 2017’
To Mrs Thirlaway
Thanks so much for being there through the bad times and the happy times You have made me laugh and smile throughout the year Chloe 🙂
‘Words from a student – Summer 2017’
Dear Julie
There are very few people in my life who have made a lasting mark! and you are one of them, I really cannot thank you enough for your help and support through a difficult time in my life.  Accepting that Hattie is an adult in her own life and also accepting help and support, it has made such a huge difference to both our lives.
I will not forget you, so thank you to a very special lady.
Lots of love Jacqui and Hattie
Dear Julie,
I would like to thank you for your support and input whilst being part of John’s EHCP. You raised a number of very useful points which we needed to put forward to Stoke LA for John’s post-19 education. Whilst writing I would also congratulate yourself on coffee mornings at the school with a speaker relevant to parents needs.  Well done.
‘Words from a parent’ to Julie Roberts, our Family Support Worker


"I really enjoyed visiting your school yesterday and meeting you, the staff and the students. I know I was only there for a short period, but I got a taste of what a caring and nurturing place it is. Megan was filled with enthusiasm and can't wait for September :)
Thank you again, Sandra "
Mrs. S. Allen
Learning support assistant   - July 2018
"We would like to thank you for teaching Ashley since he started at the Meadows School and for being caring and loving towards him.
It is a very good school and a very big thank you to you all
Mr & Mrs Muskett"
Parent comments - July 2018
"To all of the teachers, carers and support staff at The Meadows
Thank you so very much for all the care and instruction you have given Imogen during her time at The Meadows.
Imogen has blossomed into a determined, thoughtful, humerous and enthusiastic young woman during her time with you and she has relished every day at school.
School has been her 'favourite thing' and I think this is the biggest and best accolade that can be bestowed on a school.
You have an amazing team of individuals who are clearly dedicated to what they do and whenever i visit the school I am always taken aback by the care, warmth and patience shown by the staff - a group of truely exceptional human beings.
Thank you for making Imogen's time such a happy one and for making her feel she belongs.  Friendships are a huge part of Imogens life and they have helped her to flourish.
Again, thank you so very much.
Love from Janice, David and Imogen."
Letter from a parent - July 2018