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NCS (National Citizenship Service)

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 16–17 year olds in the United Kingdom, Groups of teenagers undertake a week-long residential visit, usually to an activity centre in the countryside involving physical and team building activities. After this, volunteers undertake a residential week, gaining a taste of independent living and learning a variety of skills for their future. In the third week, participants plan and deliver a "social action" project in their local community, often to raise awareness of or fundraise for a particular cause.  Those completing the course receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement.


In September 2019, eighteen young people from the Meadows Sixth Form signed up for the programme and challenged themselves on  Phase 1 at Standon Bowers Outdoor Education Centre. Living alongside young people from three other Staffordshire schools the Meadows students met some amazing people and enjoyed some quality time away together in an adventurous environment away from their homes.

Week 2  saw the  group in an environment where they gained a taste of  independent living and developed life skills, built confidence, leadership and communication skills to boost their future, and to develop their  CV and personal statements. This is where the group’s NCS experience all comes together. All the fun and inspiration from the first two phases meant that they were ready to step up and deliver their very own social action project. Whether the young participants were thinkers or doers, they had to join as a team to plan, prepare  and deliver a fundraising activity that would help to make a difference to a local charity.

The students decided on a tuck shop to sell smoothies and healthy snacks on campus and take advantage of the up and coming Halloween as a theme.

The tuck shop quickly sold out of goodies, and pupils donated £1 to  partake in the ‘Mad Hat/Silly Hair’ day, and after  counting all the money, the total raised was £102.26. This was donated to the school towards PE kit and to the local dog rescue home.