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Transition & Careers Advice


At the Meadows “Transition” is an ongoing part of a student’s experience and learning.  It means different things at different times and involves changes large and small in a student’s whole school life and daily routines.   Transition can also mean worrying times for all including parents, carers and the student themselves. Therefore, we hope you find this information useful and reassuring.

Transition within the school day is supported by all staff, a wide range of resources and careful organisation of lessons and activities. Transition that involves events in a student’s school life such as moving class, to the next school year or key stage and even newly starting school at the Meadows or when leaving school at the Meadows are also planned to offer the best support we can for individuals and groups of students.

For those students with highly complex needs, students have a series of visits to their new school. In addition, staff at the Meadows work closely with staff at their current school to ensure that communication needs, care plans and coping strategies are fully shared and understood. This ensures that transition into a new school is as seamless and successful as possible.

Before students start at the Meadows they are welcomed to the school with parents and carers to tour the school and generally become familiar with what we do and what is available at the school and on the site.  Close liaison goes on with our Primary feeder school, Springfield and also other schools that students are transitioning from to join us at the Meadows.  Once students begin their classes they take part in activities that settle them in to life at the Meadows and this is developed into a Careers programme at Year 9.

In Year 9 students are introduced to the school’s Careers Advisor and Careers lessons.  They have the opportunity to take part in group sessions and individual informal interviews to talk about their experiences and ideas at the time and begin to look toward the future in the school and beyond.

Students who are unable to voice their opinions can be represented by an advocate and it is at this point that parents and carers need to think about the future provision they would like for their son or daughter. It is important to stress that ideas can change over time but it is important that parents flag up the possible outcomes they want when students leave. 

In Key Stage 4 students develop further insights into themselves (self-awareness), choices and decisions, personal finance, enterprise skills and the World of Work. Transition in the 6th Form is further developed by College Links, work experience, interviews and applications, CV writing and linked to accredited courses such as ASDAN and Nu Futures.

For those students with complex needs who struggle with this aspect of self-awareness, parents may wish to research the possibility of obtaining a Power of Attorney in the year leading up to the 18th birthday. This process enables parents to make decisions on behalf of their son /daughter beyond the age of eighteen.

Throughout their school Career, students are supported to take part in their provision mapping (IEPs) and their Annual Review preparation and meetings. In their leaving year, students have a Careers Interview and transition is supported by staff working closely with the Local Authority, supporting agencies such as Social Services, Health  and future providers.  Students have the opportunity to visit Careers Fairs, future providers, attend open days and interviews and take part in taster days.

Students leave school with a range of accreditation and a Progress File holding their own achievements and information that they can access and share with those who will meet their needs in the next step of their Career. Complex needs students will also leave with a communication passport.

It is particularly rewarding when we see students later on who keep in touch and tell us what they are doing.  They provide a link between being a student at the Meadows and life beyond, as well as acting as important role models to the students who are curious to find out first-hand information and reassurance that the idea of a Career begins at school but continues for life.  

Together we hope to grow confidence for each student that “Transition” and “transitions” are achievable for all at the Meadows by using and building on the experiences and skills learned gradually and with the support from those around them.


Some useful websites where further information can be obtained

www.nasen.org.uk  (mini guide to the transition process)








Careers programme information 2019-2020

This year we will be working with Mencap, The Prince's Trust and DWP to enhance teaching and learning in Careers and for Work Experience provision.

The school Careers Leader is Mrs Yvonne Thirlaway

 (Contact tel: 01538 225060)  office@themeadows.manorhall.academy

The Quality in Careers Standard Website have published an examplar of The Meadows School on their website - click link to read -


Mrs Thirlaway has written the following article on how the school achieved the Quality in Careers Standard award from Entrust ....

Quality Careers Award






Spring Term Careers events 2019

Towards the end of the Spring Term our Careers lessons focussed on Financial Capability.  Students enjoyed MoneySense workshops.  The workshops were supported by NatWest bank employees who contributed to teaching and learning supporting young people individually, in groups and whole class workshop activities.

Mr Harvey’s class and some students from Mrs Gardner’s class explored the difference between needs and wants in the ‘How we use money’ workshop.  They learned about the choices associated with money: spending, saving or donating and worked out the cost of keeping a pet!

Mrs Thomas’ class gained skills in budgeting with the ‘It’s Party Time!’ workshop working in groups to plan and then present a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party.  Students found this fun as well as benefiting from working in groups together on a problem solving exercise.

Mrs Thirlaway’s 6th Form Careers group took part in a ‘Make a Difference’ challenge which was highly relevant as they are involved in raising money for a defibrillator.  They worked in pairs and small groups to create a business plan for a social enterprise aimed at addressing a problem in their school/local community, which is then presented to a panel of judges.  Mr Whewell, a student and NatWest staff supported throughout and gave feedback to students about their plans.  Some excellent ideas for future fundraising were generated and are already being put into practice.

MoneySense is an online resource with staff to support teachers just a phone call or email away.  The resources they create and lesson plans are easy to follow, colourful, stimulating and relevant to young people with videos and powerpoint presentation available.  All students received a certificate of achievement.

Natwest provided ‘goody bags’ with key rings, pens and  leaflets about MoneySense activities to take home.  Thank you NatWest!


Careers lessons in the real world

As the 6th form move towards adulthood and increased independence the Careers curriculum adapts to meet their needs in a range of ways.  Recently, an employment officer from the Department of Work and Pensions’ Job Centre Plus has been delivering a series of sessions to help students understand what Employers want and how to get to know themselves by identifying skills and qualities they will need in the future job market.

The sessions were booked into Mrs Thirlaway’s Careers lesson timetable and include:

  • What makes you tick addressing self awareness
  • What employers want – key skills
  • Teamworking, communication skills and making a good impression
  • Pathway choices and resilience

    We feel especially privileged to be able to access this service and for the invaluable expertise of Mrs Young from DWP providing each session’s resources, team teaching and feeding back to students with her ‘inside’ experience.  Students and teachers benefit enormously from real life, up to date knowledge from colleagues working in specialised areas in the community. A great initiative

Careers programme information 2020-2021

From September 2018, academies, free schools and colleges should publish information about the school’s careers programme. This information should relate to the delivery of careers guidance to year 8 to 13 pupils (12 to 18 year olds) and any requirement set out in your funding agreement to deliver careers guidance. For the current academic year, you should include:

  • the name, email address and telephone number of the school’s Careers Leader
  • a summary of the careers programme, including details of how pupils, parents, teachers and employers may access information about the careers programme
  • how the school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils
  • the date of the school’s next review of the information published

The Meadows School Careers, employability and enterprise education Long Term Planning  2020-21



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


(Complex needs

Health related occupations

(New Horizons – Health H5

Transition Challenge – Feeling Good/Making Choices)

Personal Skills and my challenge

(Transition Challenge – Moving Forward)

People who help us in the community

(New Horizons – Citizenship C5

Transition Challenge: Work related – Feeling Good)

People who help us in our school

(New Horizons – Citizenship C5 Transition Challenge: Work Related – Making Choices)

Enterprise/self-awareness and moving forward

(Transition Challenge: Work Related – Knowing How/Moving Forward

New Horizons – Social: Careers S5 Personal skills and my challenge)


(KS3 –JB/YT)

Transition and induction

All about me

People who help us

AT (KS3- AT/YT)*

World of work


Personal finance skills development

NG (Complex needs – NG/YT)

People and jobs in the community


Sign language

JH (KS4 – JH/YT)*

Jobs and work roles


Choices and decisions

NB (KS4 – NB/YT)*

World of work


Choices and decisions

6th Form*

Delivery sequence may change


College Links

Enterprise and enterprise skills

Interview skills and CVs

Work experience

Vocational courses

Employer and provider visits/DWP Job Centre Plus

Careers fairs

Careers interviews

NCS programme


Careers research

(local colleges and providers)

ASDAN PSD and Personal Progress


Progress file and CV updates


Transition planning

Interviews and applications

Progress file and CV updates

Developing yourself through careers, employability, and enterprise education 1-3

Learning about careers and the world of work 4-9

Developing your career management and employability skills 10-17

* students at transition points access to CEIAG from Careers teacher and Careers Advisor


Please refer to the outline of the schools careers programme above.

Any further information can be accessed on this website or from the Careers Leader.

  • The school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme using student and parent feedback, external assessment as outlined in the careers programme above, a range of resources such as the Work Experience Diary and Students’ Progress Files, and external provider reports, (e.g. College links and employers). 
  • End of unit Careers Lessons gather assessment information from the students’ themselves using self-assessment questionnaires. Destinations for students are supported with transition action plans, Annual Reviews and Parent feedback which is ongoing and formalised at Annual Reviews, Parents Evening and Careers interviews.
  • Students are further supported with future destinations, careers aspirations and planning by Entrust, who work with the school and through the Careers Advisor to feedback and track students on their transition/careers pathways.
  • The school is introducing an Evidence for Learning platform which will provide further opportunity for individual student assessment.

The published information here will be reviewed annually.


Useful Links for parents/carers

The school careers officer is Yvonne Thirlaway who can be contacted either on the telephone 01538 225050 or by email yvonne.thirlaway@themeadows.manorhall.academy

The National Careers Service

Exams Results Helpline