“Building Relationships – Celebrating Success – Promoting Progress and Independence”

SEN policy and information report


The Meadows is a generic secondary special school. Students are aged from 11 – 19 with a wide range of special educational needs. All students have an EHCP or statement for SEND. Many students are transported to the school and may travel extended distances to school.
The School has particular expertise in working with pupils who have profound and multiple learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties including those with communication problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and complex needs, and those with moderate learning difficulties. 


The main purpose of the Special Educational Needs Policy is to recognise that the provision made for all of our students is appropriate for each individual. Students receive a broad and balanced National Curriculum, which is adapted to ensure that all individual needs are met. At KS3 and KS4 students are grouped by academic ability and their individual needs. The curriculum is enriched through interventions, therapies, nurture, community visits, outdoor education and sporting events. From Year 9 the majority of students begin to follow academic accredited courses matched to their ability. From Year 12 students follow a flexible curriculum which gives them access to a wider range of accredited courses, college placements, work experience, and independent living skills. The needs of the more complex students are met within separate class bases. They follow a differentiated curriculum with a focus on developing communication, mathematics and personal, social and independence skills. Where appropriate, these students have access to lessons with their peers in KS3, KS4 or KS5. This policy should be read and used in conjunction with the school’s other policies.

Broad Aims

Our vision is to create learning environments where every young person is engaged, can be enterprising and successful in their community, both today and in their future adult life.  We aim to create a hub of inspiration from which, students and staff develop their independence, skills, expertise, interests and vocations.

We aim to do this by:

Providing a happy, safe and secure environment for learning Creating an atmosphere where adults and young people have value and worth Supporting parents, carers and others adults so that they can support learning and development Building confidence and a strong ethic of work and enterprise Working proactively to meet individual needs Providing a personalised and appropriate curriculum Creating situations where young people interact meaningfully with the community Developing independence and self-help skills Broadening young people’s experiential horizons Removing barriers for young people with SEN.

Other Support

The school works closely with other schools and external agencies in our locality and those local to our students to ensure that the needs of young people and their families are met. To this end, appropriate expertise, resources and information is shared. Where appropriate, referrals are made to and support accepted from a range of other medical and specialist services to meet the needs of individual pupils. The School provides a Family Support worker to coordinate and provide access to appropriate services and resources, including CAMHS.
The school supports students through the transitions between the different phases of education and ultimately preparation for adult life. This includes working with careers services, colleges and employers to achieve outcomes which reflect the ambitions of young people.

Role of Governors

The Governing Body will:

  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate training

  • Ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively

  • Ensure that staff are involved in the development of school policy and procedures

  • Ensure that school works closely with parents

  • Ensure that the school works closely with other agencies

Assessing and reviewing progress

Annual Review
The needs of each student are identified in their EHCP or statement for SEND. These needs are reviewed on a yearly basis from the EHCP/statement date or, when a suitable date can be arranged for all stakeholders to attend.
The Review will report on:

  • Objectives in the EHCP or statement

  • Progress made against objectives

  • Any additional difficulties experienced since the last review

  • Any social or behavioural difficulties experienced

  • Any modifications to curriculum

  • Any amendments to the original EHCP or statement

When writing a Review staff will follow the guidelines provided by the LA.
Parents and students are encouraged to express their opinions as part of the Review meeting.
Progress report
A progress report is provided to parents and carers at the end of the summer term. This report provides information on progress made in key areas, including English and Mathematics. The report compares progress made in comparison with that expected for each individual student.


The Meadows School has regular consultations with parents. Consultations take a variety of forms, through the Review process, Parent Consultation evenings, Parental questionnaires as well as informal conversations by phone or in person.
The Meadows School consults with young people through the Review process, a school council and questionnaires.

Local Offer

The Local Authority offer can be found at: