Site Supervisor Vacancy

18th June

We are looking to employ a site supervisor - please see school website for further information - Staff/Vacancies


08th June

Important letter for parents and carers, along with further information on returning to school is now on the school website. PLEASE READ AS A MATTER OF URGENCY.


VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations from the School Community

12th May
VE  Day 2020       'Adapt and Overcome!'
When the school year began last September, staff began planning ahead for VE Day, so that we could have a memorable event, including music, dance, artwork and party food, culminating in a whole school street party with everyone decked out in red, white and blue,;acknowledging the supreme sacrifice of World War 2. A fitting occasion to honour and reflect upon six years of warfare, and it's consequences.
However, it didn't turn out as planned.....
Nevertheless, we are delighted to be able to say that we have adapted, to commemorate VE Day, in the current climate. Those few students and staff who are in school have made bunting, learned songs from the 1940s, and sampled the food. A classroom was decorated with flags and bunting, to set the scene and food was enjoyed at a social distance!    'Adapt and overcome!'
Mrs Ball led the campaign to get everyone at home, both students and their families and carers, as well as school staff, to get 'In the Mood', and organise their own celebrations. Everyone was invited to make bunting and decorate their homes, sing 'We'll Meet Agian, 'Do The Lambeth Walk', bake from War time recipes, and generally make it a day to remember for all manner of reasons!
Staff and students were asked to send in photos and videos of their party! There are some delicious looking scones and cakes from Madison and Joe, as well as some fabulous dancing from Rebecca at her street party! Mrs Rushton baked some wonderful wartime recipes at home and Miss Fitzpatrick baked a cake for her street party. Reece, Kieron, Ryan, Alex and Stephanie also contributed photos of their homes decorated with bunting, their wonderful bakes and family parties. And not forgetting Mrs Wright in her wonderful hat enjoying an afternoon tea, who is always first to join in and show her love and appreciation to those who sacrificed so much during the World Wars. And lastly a big thankyou to Mrs Ball who was so keen to make sure that the occassion didn't go unnoticed by The Meadows School Community. Please take a look at the photos on the website.... Our School / Galleries (scroll to the bottom!)
Well done everyone! We have done them proud!

Have you spotted The Meadows Rainbow?

04th May

Anyone passing on Springfield Road may have seen our tribute to NHS Staff and all Key Workers as staff and students have made a giant rainbow to show their support and appreciation at this challenging time.

We are looking forward to the end of the rainbow and hoping for a little bit of magic. We are not seeking the pot of gold on this occasion;we are simply looking forward to seeing all our friends and family again, and even our teachers, and being able to do those ordinary things which have now become so precious.


To see a rainbow, you need to look up, and turn your head to the sky. That's the clue; if you are  passing The Meadows School, look up!

Stay Safe Everyone



VE Day Celebrations at home Friday 8th May

24th April

Meadows VE Day Home Party Celebrations

On Friday 8th May The Meadows would like to remember the 75 years since the the end of WW2 by celebrating with home parties since we had planned to have a party in school but this is not possible to do at the moment due to lock down. We can do this by making Union Jack Flags or bunting, cooking or eating war time food and recipes using rationed or home grown foods available at the time. Bake a WW2 cake. Drink water or apple juice or make other non alcholic drinks available at the time. Sing popular WW2 songs such as We'll meet again, White Cliffs of Dover etc. Learn how to ,Jitterbug, or do 'The Lambeth Walk' as part of your fitness routine. At the party you could also wear union Jack coloured clothes i.e. red, white and blue or clothes that would have been worn at the time if these are accessible. If the weather is good you could have a picnic party outside. We would love to see any photos or videos of your at home celebrations - and if you are happy for us to share them we could add them to the school website.

Coronavirus Crisis

09th April

We'll Meet Again , sung by Vera Lynn, and quoted by Her Majesty The Queen


What strange times we are living in, with such glorious Spring sunshine,and all the flowers and blossom out, and the World facing this pandemic.

So much has changed in our society and indeed throughout the World.

While there is so much sadness, there is also a great amount of goodwill, as people pull together, to help each other.

I hope that everyone is Staying Safe, and following government guidelines.

School staff have prepared work for students, and are keeping in touch with families, and it is our fervent hope that our school community will soon be back together as we know it.


In the meantime perhaps you could be listening to Dame Vera Lynn sing her famous song from World War 2,  'We'll Meet Again', which reminds everyone that though we are parted now, from our usual routines, families and friends, we will soon be back together once more.. Her Majesty The Queen who lived through the Second World War has asked us all to stay strong and be resilient.

Perhaps you could be searching for other songs which provide Inspiration, and make yourself a playlist, ready to share when we get back to school.


In the meantime Stay Safe and show compassion to others.


Happy Easter everyone!!  Enjoy those chocolate eggs, and don't let them melt in the sunshine!



Food vouchers for free school meal pupils

07th April

If your child usually receives Free School Meals you will now be receiving weekly vouchers to help pay for food at the supermarket. Please click on the Information page, and select School meals for further details.


20th March

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