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Outdoor Adventure Champions - Medals and Trophy - 05/07/2021

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Since September 2020, here at The Meadows, we have been running an awards scheme, each half term, for students taking part in Outdoor Education. Learning in the ’Great Outdoors’ is an integral part of our school curriculum and is valued on many levels. There are individual, desirable, hand-made, wooden medals up for grabs, as well as a handmade, wooden class trophy, for the overall winners, whose class have scored the most points.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Outdoor Champion Medals are awarded to students in each class taking part, and a trophy at the end of each half term, which is inscribed with the class name.

There are points awarded to young people for working hard, perseverance, helping others, trying new activities, such as different food, challenging experiences, overcoming fears, letting go of leadership, altering behaviours, and putting in extra effort, showing empathy and care for others, that provides challenge on a personal level, and takes out of their comfort zone.

If someone is particularly good at something, helping others to get better at it will gain them points.

Class points awarded towards the trophy are for the class to work together as a team.

A short description of the winners’ achievements of bronze, silver and gold medals, is read out to the class and sent home to parents, to explain the reason for its having been awarded.

The Head of School presents the medals and trophy to the winners with much aplomb, as the results are eagerly anticipated. This is a forerunner to encourage students to take part in Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Thanks to Jackie Robinson, Outdoor Education tutor for running the scheme and making the eco-friendly medals and trophy.