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Online Safety

Keeping Children Safe online

Social media and the use of mobile phones has a widespread impact on the way in which we communicate and express our thoughts and opinions. There are clearly many benefits for us as individuals and communities.

For many young people and adults the ownership of a mobile phone is considered a necessary and vital part of their daily life. When used creatively and responsibly the smart phone has great potential to support a student’s learning experiences in school. Ownership of a mobile phone and using it appropriately is an important lesson in itself and encourages the development of independence and individual responsibility, something which is part of our aims as a school.

Schools already play a vital role in keeping children safe from harm online, including from the risks of radicalisation and cyber bullying.

If you would like further advice and support regarding online safety please get in touch with the Family Support Team.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives. For our young people being able to connect online provides valuable opportunities to learn, play and socialise with friends and peers and access information and support which they may otherwise struggle to access with the internet.  Students may also need to accessing learning from home where they are required to self-isolate. (Please see Information / Home Learning on this website for more information on home learning).

However, spending time online comes with risks, and it is always advisable to keep up to date with what your young person is doing online, and for how long. 

Please find below some useful links informing yourselves and your child/children how to keep safe on the internet.

School policies and guidance