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' A Winter Scene ' written by a Sixth Form Student - 10/12/2020

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A Winter Scene

It was Christmas Day and I decided to go outside for a while. 

I sat on a bench and looked at the wonderful scene, admiring it. 

I could see the tiny, beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky. 

The sky was milky and foggy because it was filled with snow. 

When I walked on the snow, I could hear it cracking and I looked down to see my footprints engraved into the snow.

The trees had since lost all of their soft, green leaves and were dancing in the wind as the snow fell off the branches.

I could see the sun high up in the clouds, shining down on the snow scene, trying it's very hardest to melt all of the snow away.

I could see birds soaring across the sky and I could hear them singing their sweet tune as they flew away into the distance.

My face was completely numb since the air surrounding me was bitterly cold.

I couldn't stop myself from gazing at the beautiful scene.


Written by a student in the Sixth Form (December 2020)